Let our team of 3D specialists help you with your next project. We offer the full spectrum of services for 3D simulations and visualizations including 3D modelling, 3D application development, aerial photography, photogrammetry and data collection.

3D modelling

Simmersion has a dedicated full-time team of 3D artists that can plan, manage and deliver 3D content for a variety of uses. Our team is supported by outsourcing additional work, mainly during peak load periods. Our 3D modelling capabilities include:

  • Specific 3D content such as vehicles, buildings, vegetation, infrastructure and landscape plans.
  • Real world spatially enable 3D simulations using Simurban software with accurate terrain, aerial photography and scenery (buildings, vehicles, people, vegetation etc)
  • Spatially accurate and location precise  3D models e.g. buildings in an urban simulation with x, y, z accuracy and precision to better than 0.5m

3D application development

Simmersion has a dedicated full-time team of C++ and .NET software engineers that can plan, manage and deliver specific 3D applications and solutions to your requirements. We use our Mycosm 3D platform for all application development work.

Aerial photography & photogrammetry

Our geographic information system (GIS) team fully understands the complexities of flying and processing aerial photography to produce digital terrain models (DTM), digital ortho-rectified photography (DOP), 2D and 3D polylines (ground, cadastral, building ground footprints and building rooftops). Much of our photogrammetry professional work is handled by our partner IntraSpatial in India, making us very competitively priced. The final quality assurance on all photogrammetry data is completed by Simmersion and qualified third party associates.

Photogrammetry warehouse

Simmersion has stereo pair imagery and digital ortho-photography (DOP) over the greater Sydney and Canberra areas available for license (currency October 2006). Coverage over other smaller specific sites is also available. We can also source aerial photography over most Australian and New Zealand from a range of suppliers. In the USA, Simmersion and our US partners mainly use Intrasearch, Inc. to source imagery.

More about our photogrammetry warehouse

Data acquisition

We have access to a range of data sets through partners and associates. Where data is not evidently available, we use sub-contractors to obtain or generate the data such as survey ground control points for use by our photogrammetry sub-contractors, and post data delivery quality assurance surveys.