3D simulation demonstrates GroundProbe's measurement and sensing systems for mining

GroundProbe® provides high-value slope stability information that allows their customers to better manage risk and make mining safer and more profitable. GroundProbe’s systems provide sufficient warning for the safe evacuation of people and equipment in the event of imminent slope collapse in open-pit mines.

The challenge

  • GroundProbe approached us to build an interactive open-pit mine environment simulation that would demonstrate the deployment and operation of their Slope Stability Radar and Work Area Monitor (WAM™) products.
  • The simulation was to consist of various scenarios, including day and night scenes, that could be easily selected through a menu system using a game controller.
  • Numerous 3D models of GroundProbe’s equipment needed to be animated accurately to give a realistic representation of their deployment and operation.
  • The simulation environment had to run smoothly on a laptop computer and would be taken to tradeshows and prospective customer meetings for demonstrations.


  • Simmersion built a highly-realistic open-pit mine environment that was based on the terrain height data of a real open-pit mine. The environment includes numerous detailed site buildings, animated mine workers and vehicles.
  • 3D Models of GroundProbe’s monitoring and sensing equipment were built and animated to accurately reflect their operation.
  • Simmersion worked closely with GroundProbe to storyboard and implement seven detailed scenarios that would demonstrate the use of their systems clearly and effectively.
  • The final environment was tested, packaged and delivered to GroundProbe on their laptop.

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