About us

We are passionate about creating compelling 3D technology to solve real world problems. Our real-time 3D simulation solutions for urban planning are used globally by city municipalities and property developers to visualise future developments as part of the development assessment process and for property marketing.

Over a period of three years, we have developed a patented ground-breaking and innovative 3D technology called Mycosm®, which will bring the richness and power of the world’s best video game engines to the application and solution developer markets at an affordable price. This unique, real-time 3D visualization and simulation platform is targeted at the entertainment, decision support, training and e-learning sectors.


Simurban™ is a suite of 3D simulation software products to create, view and interact with accurate and realistic models of any built environment. Simurban® is used for property development assessment, strategic planning and design. More about Simurban


XTviz™ lets you edit and analyse high-fidelity 3D worlds and environments all in breathtaking real-time 3D graphics. More about XTviz


We offer a broad range of services relating to 3D simulations and visualizations. These include 3D modelling, 3D application development, aerial photography, photogrammetry and data collection. More about our services

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